Legacy Campaign

Outside of church with LRT stationCentral to our Lives:

Past, Present and Future

2013-16 Legacy Campaign for Central Presbyterian Church

Sometime in 2014, light rail trains will be rolling down Cedar Street immediately in front of Central Presbyterian Church.  In light of this progress and other development happening nearby, the Session, or governing board, of Central has approved a four year $525,000 capital campaign to fund three necessary capital projects that will help our facilities support our mission and worship.  With funds pledged now and contributed from 2013 – 2016, we will purchase a new organ console to replace the current console, renovate lower-level restrooms, and replace our roof.

A new organ console

For more than two decades, we have known that our organ console is at the end of its Rubber band and twine organ repairlifespan.  Used when Central purchased it, the console was installed in the early 1960s.  While Central’s organists have disguised the condition of the instrument through their fine musicianship, we are past the point where duct tape and stringing pedals to switches will work.  We will also replace antiquated wiring systems, as well as clean and repair pipes that go back as far as 1889!

Renovating our Lower-Level Restrooms

Our downstairs restrooms have two separate but related issues. First, the restrooms have had a long-term, sporadic but persistent problem with odor  that suddenly became extreme in November, 2012. Immediate action was required and excavation revealed leaking pipes that have since been fixed.

Second, as we look toward the future, the Session realized that these restrooms need significant improvements and renovation to support our ministries for the coming decades.

Replacing the Roof

Youth with umbrellas in sanctuaryThe time to replace a roof is prior to it leaking and causing expensive damage to our building’s interior.  Our roof was last replaced in 1994 with shingles with a twenty-year lifespan.  We want to raise the necessary funds so that this project can be completed on our schedule and not after we are bringing umbrellas to worship!

Frequently Asked Questions

How were these three projects selected and why now? These three projects are important to do now. The organ’s console and wiring is at a point where few stops work, three of the four keyboards have such major issues that they cannot be relied on to play, and many of the pipes need major cleaning and repair in order to sound like the grand instrument that it is. We hope to raise the funds for a new roof now, so that we can put the new roof on before any water damage occurs. And the restrooms have had a persistent but sporadic odor problem for more than a decade. Suddenly the problem grew much worse in late 2012, necessitating tearing up the floor. Our goal is not to simply rebuild the restrooms, but to renovate them so that they will be functional for church and mission events for the next several decades.

How can I pay my pledge?     Just like annual offerings and stewardship pledges, people can pay in the way that makes the most sense to them.  By writing checks, donating gifts of stock, utilizing automatic deposits, using Paypal, credit card, or even turning in bricks of gold.   Click here to download a pledge form.

How long do I have to pay my pledge?  This is a four year campaign.  We will be receiving donations for these projects in the years 2013-2016.  Some people will pay pledges consistently throughout that time, or in lump sums.

Can I pay my pledge now and all at once?  Absolutely.  And the sooner we receive the full funding for these projects, the sooner we can begin work.

Can I make a pledge to this campaign and reduce my annual stewardship pledge?  The church relies on our offerings for programs, staff, building maintenance and utilities – all the costs that go into doing the work of God through this church.  We believe we are at a point where church members and friends can and should support our ongoing ministry and these additional expenses.

I really want to support the new organ and I promise to never use the bathroom.  Is that okay?  In all seriousness, yes, you can designate which of the three projects you wish your gift be used to support.

The church is in my will, but I hope not to die in the next four years.  Does that count?  Central is grateful to all who make plans that their values continue to live on after their death.  That is an incredible legacy, and we appreciate bequests.  The Session has decided that all undesignated bequests that are settled prior to the successful completion of the legacy campaign will go to these projects.  Given that these are capital projects requiring funds, we cannot count unrealized intentions.

What order will these projects begin and will we take out a loan?

We plan to authorize each project when funds are available.  The organ console will be installed in the summer of 2013.  We anticipate renovating the restrooms second, and the roof being the third project.  Circumstances could change, and the Session could authorize taking out a loan to complete the projects at the optimal time.

Does the church have other funds to complete these projects?

In addition to this campaign’s goal of $525,000, other funds will be needed to complete these three projects.  Central does have some investment funds available to use for this purpose.  Other funds are designated for specific purposes, and are managed to generate income to support our operating budget.