Hunger Initiative

Through our many volunteering opportunities with area food programs, insight by worship speakers and research efforts by the Hunger Initiative Task Force, we are learning so many things, including:

  • Much of the food thrown from area grocery stores deemed un-saleable, is still edible, often still within its expiration date.
  • One in ten households in Minnesota, and one in six households with children under 6, has food insecurity (meaning they don’t know how they are going to provide food for their family).
  • The SNAP program (formerly called food stamps) provides 12 times as much food as all other programs added together (such as food shelves and church meal programs).
  • The vast majority of people who use SNAP are employed.
  • SNAP benefits alone are still not sufficient for hungry people to afford a healthy diet, and people in our community struggle with a lack of access to stores that offer affordable groceries.

If you or someone you know needs better food access, you can apply for SNAP and get other food resources by calling the Minnesota Food Helpline at 1-888-711-1151

Transportation matters for access to affordable groceries:
Call 612-373-3333 or visit to learn more about the Transit Assistance Program, which allows certified low-income residents ages 6 and up to pay just $1 for rides on buses and trains.