Diaper Drive

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Did you know that diapers are a great unmet need in most communities?  The average child easily uses 2000+ diapers from birth until toilet training and yet diapers are not covered by food stamps, WIC, Medicaid or any special nutrition benefit package.  Cloth is not possible to use if you lack resources to clean the diapers regularly.  The richest Americans can use bulk buying and easy mobility to get deals on diapers; the poorest Americans use up to 14% of their budget to keep their children clean.

For two weeks in June, Central is collecting diapers of all sizes, especially larger ones. We will be donating them to families in need to help close the gap. Please bring diapers to church on June 10 or 17 and place them in the donation box.  All brands are welcome.  Questions may be directed to Denny Reimer or Carl Willis or visit our website for more information.


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