Worship With Us!

Sunday Schedule:  

  • Education for all ages at 9:30
  • Worship at 10:30
  • Fellowship at 11:30

During the month of January, our worship services will feature stories about
and the words of prophets. Prophets hold a place of honor within the
Judeo-Christian tradition, even as their messages may not have been widely

Sunday, January 14
“The word of the Lord was rare in those days,” the story begins (1 Samuel
3:1-10), when the word of the Lord came to the young prophet Samuel. In our
time that is cluttered with words, how do we hear the rare and life-giving
word of God? Rev. Colby will preach and the Central Choir will sing.

Sunday, January 21
Not all biblical prophets were eager to be called to their work! We will
hear the delightful yet utterly-serious story of the prophet Jonah, who ran
in the opposite direction when God asked him to go and preach repentance to
the people of Nineveh. Rev. Colby will preach. Special guest Linda
Kachelmeier conducts the choir this morning on her music. Linda is not only
a composer living in the Twin Cities, but also a founding member of The Rose
Ensemble and sang with them for 19 years. She is currently the Founding
Artistic Director of Lumina, a professional quartet, and is also the Music
Director at First Presbyterian Church in South St. Paul.

Sunday, January 28
The Gospel of Mark begins not with the birth of Jesus, but with a wild-eyed
prophet attracting listeners out to the desert. Thirsty for the life-giving
(and empire-challenging!) word of God. Rev. Colby will preach and the
Central Choir will sing.

2017 Offering Envelopes are here!
The new year’s contribution envelopes have arrived! For those who wish to
receive boxes of envelopes, they will be available on a table in the
Friendship Room. Any boxes not picked up by January 14, 2018 will be mailed
out. If you did not get a box of envelopes for 2018, but would like to have
one, OR, if you received envelopes but no longer wish to, please contact
Anna in the office.

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