Worship With Us!

Sunday Schedule:  

  • Education for all ages at 9:30
  • Worship at 10:30
  • Fellowship at 11:30


October 22 – The Exodus series continues.  The people continue on their journey toward the Promised Land, but in frustration and in a lapse of faith they turn away from the God who has been leading them  (Ex. 32).

deVon head shotWe welcome special guest musician to worship deVon R. Gray (“dVRG”).  dVRG may be the world’s last cultural enigma. The multi-instrumentalist, classically-trained composer is as comfortable writing orchestral and operatic works as he is churning out jazz riffs and hip-hop bravado. His breadth of knowledge saturates various instruments, multiple genres, and limitless styles. And he does it all so effortlessly even he is unaware that he’s working. While many creators spend hours perfecting their craft & skills as he is known, envisions the pen and watches the music write itself.

A recipient of a 2017 McKnight Fellowship in composition, dVRG has already taken advantage of this support having traveled Europe for six weeks of community building and cultural edification.

October 29—There is a wonderful story as the Exodus journey moves toward the Promised Land.  Moses, who had a close relationship with God, asks to see God’s very face.  That does not exactly happen, though God offers reassurance that helps fuel Moses’ determination (Ex. 33:12-23). The Central Choir Sings.

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