Sunday, July 23

Worship will focus on Jesus’ parable of the talents (Matt. 25:14-30) and what it means to invest our faith. Derek Peterson will speak during worship about the special Joy Offering that invests in past, present and future leadership for the church.

Derek Peterson is a proud member of Central Presbyterian and an international youth development leader.  As the founder of Integrative Youth Development™, his work inspires adults and youth to intentionally enrich the web of support they need to thrive.  Derek blends his knowledge and passion to assist leaders addressing educational outcomes, youth risk behaviors, community engagement, and ethical development to better achieve their goals for positively impacting young people.  His work guides collective efforts to merge the best of youth development research with the attitudes, cultures and values found within each local community for significant and measurable impact within the lives of individual youth. Derek has been recognized as the “Prevention Professional of the Year” and “Educator of the Year” in Alaska, and his work has been highlighted by the Harvard Education Review.


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